I love this twist & shape exerciser
"I love this twist & shape exerciser, it is great. I told my sister about it and she said that she was going to buy her one. the only thing that I don't like about it is, the the exercising on your toes." 

-  By Amazon Customer

"I love it...i feel like I'm on dancing with the stars...the machine does the work for you..i suggest 15 min.of workout ,it makes you feel like you've accomplished something...but the most important is....MY BODY IS MOVING....." 

-  By Carl E. 

My mom loves it, so will yours!
"I purchased this for my mother's 70th birthday present. She typically has trouble using other machines that can be very strenuous on her joints. She's also tried using workout videos but they haven't been very kind to her. Anyways, she loved it and her thoughts are in the video that is attached to this review." 

- By Holly

Five Stars
"I love this. Very easy to work out on. I use it everyday." 

-  By Larry L.

Even with my Disability I can Use it !!!
"First let me state that I am a disabled female veteran. I am in a wheelchair much of the time but can maneuver using bilateral leg braces that go from leg calf down to foot. I can do many things with my disability but, exercising is not really in the equation. But it is needed for health, weight loss, trying to get my good cholesterol up etc. etc. Anyway, I decided to give this a try. My husband put this together and when I just asked him, in his opinion, how difficult was it to put together. He replied that was relatively easy and that the directions were some of the best instructions he has ever come across. That is important. First, it is really easy to use. You do have to step up to get to the platform but it is pretty stable. I can step up with my leg braces. Once up I can hold onto the knobs and YIPPEE I can indeed use this machine. I don't go fast, but I can balance well enough to use it properly. I have been using this for 4 days now and though i haven't checked the tummy measurements and such yet (figured way too soon for that) I DO feel something going on. If I stand straight I feel the machine working one area of tummy and sides and if I slightly bend my knees I feel another area worked. So, I will keep on working with this and hope it will give me some of the work out that I really need to be doing. By the way I will be 70 in July. Also, you can lock the stand plate in position and can stand on your toes to make the 2 circle areas turn and that will work your calf areas etc. I can't do that because of my disability but my husband has started working with it and he does this secondary position as well as the regular way. I have it set up so I can watch TV while I am working the machine. I can do this for quite some time, it does not make my overly tired or out of breath. Perhaps if I could work it faster that "might" happen but for me this is a good thing. I am getting exercise but not hurting myself. I tried another well advertised machine that works your core and you sit down on it to do it. BUT, it really put a strain on my low back trying to do the sit ups for the mid section. Had to stop and really did not feel i was getting anywhere. So, wasn't sure if I could do this with my disability and pleased to say I can. Sure, I can't do that part where you step back off it and can't go on my toes etc. BUT, the basic part of it is really doable and I feel good after working with this machine. Hopefully, I can report back in a few weeks. But to me this is really worth having." 

-  By A. Holloway

It was easy to put together
"It was easy to put together, and it's a fun workout, that you really feel, mostly in the abs and obliques. I have it stationed in my living room, so I can use it while watching my TV or listening to music. For myself, it's hard to get in more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time, but so far (in less than a week), I've put in at least a half hour a day. In just a few days, I can feel some change in definition. A couple notes: Some of the nuts do not screw in flush to the machine, so the nut and bolt rattles which every rotation, which is maddening. I just used a little duct tape, so they don't move. Problem solved. Also, I'm 6'2", with short arms. The upper part of the machine, at its greatest extension, is a little short for me. I have to bend slightly, just to use the machine. That's probably a better workout, and literally almost everyone my height has longer arms, but this machine is probably not recommended for people over 6'4"." 

-  By Andrew Donaldson